News On Dot stands for an Independent Press, Free from Economic and Political Interference. We, therefore support Efforts to Create a more robust system of independent regulation for the Industry & Trade.
After careful consideration, the News On Dot has decided to put in place a system which is Accountable, Credible and highly Adaptable to meet the pace of change in our Business. We believe this approach is consistent with our record of journalistic excellence and integrity, and it builds on our already strong system of Governance designed to maintain the highest possible ethical Standards and spread a wave of Positivity. A weekly dose creating positive awareness of the hidden good in our culture, economy, Country & Society.
In addition, the News On Dot will provide Platforms for readers to comment on Articles and participate in discussion with our Reporters. We believe our Conversation with readers is important. Understanding what they need and value is vital to our success as a news organisation. Let us be the guiding force for each other in this beautiful journey and move towards "Positive India".