6 lessons regarding Work, Life, and Money I learned in 2017

6 lessons regarding Work, Life, and Money I learned in 2017

Life has always been a learning lesson for me and with every year passing, I have become the better version of me that I was a few years ago. Even then I believe the best is yet to come.

While 2017 allows me to shred a smile on my face with all the good memories during the year, there were several ‘work, money, and life’ lessons that I learned from the passing year:

  1. Not allowing my money to control me

My parents didn’t teach me much about money management but I can’t take it as an excuse throughout my whole life. I will hopefully feel much empowered at the end of this year as I chose to learn the basics of money –the budgeting, unavoidable expenses, keeping an emergency fund and also saving some for keeping it luxurious for myself after retirement.


  1. Sleep less

While that’s the hardest thing I have decided to compromise before heading towards a successful life. I usually get sleep for more than 6 hours on an average, which I’ll cut down to 6 hours from this year. I believe I won’t achieve any good if I spend several hours on sleep. While it may be a hard habit to incorporate, I trust my coffee to help me out.


  1. Patience is the key

I am a very impatient man. I need to get the fact in my head that my goals, which are worth striving, won’t be coming to me easily. While the world is transforming to be less patient, I will focus to hold on to my small wins everyday to accumulate it to garnish myself for the big picture one day. The time will pass in a blink of an eye and I may be the next big star.


  1. My uniqueness is my strength

I must remember that there exists no one in this world who is identical to me. More often than not, I have been trying to hide my own self for the fear of not getting accepted or may be for the eagerness to make an impression since the last few years. However, this year, whatever may be the consequences, I have decided to bring the original ‘me’ out from the camouflage. That will be the biggest strength while stepping into this new year.


  1. Experiment and be ready for failure

I have been in my comfort zone ever since I was born and this has led me to nothing worth complimenting myself. I will put my hand on different things from now on –both on the personal and professional level. While it always comes with a risk, I have embraced myself to face the fear of failure and rejection.


  1. Let’s ‘Read’ more

I have seen many people around me stop reading books as soon as they come out of college. I opt not to be one of them. I remember how I used to spend hours on reading and now, I find the excuse of working six-days-a-week in the office for not persuading the books. Reading doesn’t need a specific place or time, I can do it anywhere. It will help me work on my wisdom.