67 passengers carrying Bangladesh aircraft crashed near Kathmandu airport

67 passengers carrying Bangladesh aircraft crashed near Kathmandu airport

A Bangladeshi aircraft with 67 passengers and four crew on board crashed near Kathmandu airport as it was coming into land, officials said adding that 17 people on board had been rescued. In order to rescue passengers in the plane, the firefighters battled to extinguish the burning wreckage.

According to an airport spokesman Birendra Prasad Shrestha, the state of other people on a flight from Bangladesh capital, Dhaka was not clear. He further added, “We are trying to bring the fire under control. Details are awaited and for now, we are concentrating on evacuating the passengers”.

The towering columns of smoke rising behind the runway were showed in a live footage posted on social media site showed the, where another plane stood waiting on the tarmac.
The place where the plane crashed was full with plumes of black smoke and smoke was rising from the football pitch to the east of the runway at Nepal's only international airport, in the capital Kathmandu.

Another airport spokesman, Prem Nath Thakur said, "There were 67 passengers and 4 crew members" as the plane land. He further added, “So far 20 injured have been taken to the hospital. Police and army are trying to cut apart the plane to rescue others”.

Nepal’s Mountains are considered as notorious for air accidents. Small aircraft often run into trouble at provincial airstrips. In 992, A Thai Airways flight from Bangkok crashed while trying to land in Kathmandu.