Classic Novels You Must Read

Classic Novels You Must Read

Reading is the best way of passing time. It is not only a form of entertainment but we all learn something and they also expand our mental horizons.

Here are some evergreen works of literature:


Pride and Prejudice:

Written by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice is the inspiration and model for so many modern novels. This book was written in the 19th century but its modernity will surprise you until you realize that this is the modern novel in many ways.
                          Austen manages to sum up various things in one place- the awkward flirtation, courtship and how can love make fool of anyone.
                          If you are only familiar with the plot of this novel, it will not be justice with this book.

Bleak House:

Charles Dickens’ Bleak House may not be as famous as Oliver Twist and Great Expectations but considered as the greatest novel.
                              This novel can be called as a satire on the British Legal System-how corrupt lawyers, aristocrats and businessmen use the courts for their own benefits. On the other side, it is also a story of forbidden love, family secrets, and intrigues.


Heart of Darkness:

This novel is Joseph Conrad’s finest attack on colonialism. This story is about an Englishman, Marlow who takes the consignment of ivory down the Congo River in a Belgian-occupied area of Africa. During his journey, he met Kurtz who set himself up as a demigod among the tribes.
           With Kurtz’s character, Conrad shows how colonizers’ idea of civilizing other races or in other words making them their servants- can backfire and corrupt the occupying forces.


James Joyce’s Ulysses is one of the most difficult novels ever written. It is considered that the term ‘stream of consciousness’ was firstly used by Joyce in this novel.
                          You cannot understand this book entirely in one reading because when you read this novel you join a worldwide club of people.

These remarkable novels have left their impact and have set examples for other novels. Add these books to your reading list and make it your mission to read them as soon as possible.