Coca-Cola breaks tradition with Alcoholic drink 'Chu-Hi'

Coca-Cola breaks tradition with Alcoholic drink 'Chu-Hi'

The American Multinational beverage corporation Cola-Cola is set to launch its first ever alcoholic drink in the company’s history. The soft drink company is planning to launch a “Chu-hi” drink in Japan. Chu-Hi is a local beverage prepared with mixed in carbonate water with distilled alcohol Sochu. The Chu-Hi has 9% high level of alcohol that has been in market as an alternative beer, off-license in Japan.

Jorge Garduño, Coca-Cola’s Japan president, has said “We haven’t experimented in the low alcohol category before, but it’s an example of how we can continue to explore opportunities outside our core areas.

Currently, the world’s largest soft drink company is experimenting with an Alcopop-style beverage that contains a low alcoholic content about 3-8% ABV. The low alcoholic drink will only be marketed in Japan because of the “unique and special” qualities of the country’s drink market.

The readymade sweetened alcoholic drink of alcopops usually comes in the form of bottles or canes, because of their bubbly –fruit –flavored nature, considered as soft drinks. The company has gained its name worldwide for its red label and secret Coca-Cola recipe, hopes to capitalize on the increase in popularity in Japan of Chu-Hi Alcopops.