Indian Freedom Fighters Who Disappeared In The Pages Of History

Indian Freedom Fighters Who Disappeared In The Pages Of History

We have respect in our heart for the freedom fighters and we honor them as best as we can do. But there are many heroes who did not get the spotlight even they contributed as much as others and have been lost over the years. 

    Here are some unsung heroes you probably have heard of:

Bhikaji Cama:

She played an important role in early years of India’s freedom struggle. She got a message from the British that her return to India would be prohibited unless she would not promise not to take participate in nationalist activities. She refused to make such a promise and remained in exile in Europe. Banned in India and Britain, Bhikaji managed to send the weekly magazines to Indian revolutionaries and helped them in every way possible. The British government was unable to catch her, despite their best efforts. She also unfurled the Indian Flag at the International socialist conference at Stuttgart in Germany, 1907.

Potti Sriramulu:

Potti is often known as Amarjeevi- an avid supporter and devotee of Gandhi and even Gandhi praised him for his abilities and dedication. He did humanitarian work and spent most of his life working for Dalit community. Gandhi said “If only I have eleven more followers like Sriramulu, I will win freedom in a year.”

Aruna Asaf Ali:

Aruna had been an active part during many public possessions at the time of the Salt Satyagraha. Aruna was arrested during Satyagraha. Due to her immense contribution Aruna was hailed as the “Heroine of 1942”.


Alluri Sitaram Raju:


He was the folk hero among the inhabitants of Andhra Pradesh. The 1922-24 Rampa Revolution that involved some tribal leaders to fight against the oppressive British Raj was actually led by Sitaram Raju. This rebellion was due the harassment faced by many tribals in the areas of Britishers. Due to this zealous spirit of Sitaram Raju, Alluri Statue stands on the beach road of Vishakhapatnam.


These freedom fighters are epitomes of inspiration for all of us. Their name may be disappeared in many of history textbooks but their die-hard contribution makes us feel proud of them. Salute to all!