Inspire Fellowship - Eligibility , Qualification , Disqualification , Selection Process and Termination

Inspire Fellowship - Eligibility , Qualification , Disqualification , Selection Process and Termination

To encourage exemplary talent in the field of Science and Technology, The Department of Science and Technology has come up with a proficient scheme - Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) Fellowship. Going beyond the narrow sphere of conducting competitive exams for the identification of talent, INSPIRE aims to bring a vast change in the field of Research and Technology by relying on the existing educational system.

Who is Eligible for the Fellowship? 

Online applications can be filed by those candidates who fall under the following categories - 

  • INSPIRE Scholars with a minimum score of 65% in aggregate or equivalent CGPA at MSc or integrated MS/ MSc course 
  • First rank holders of University Level Exam ( exempting Autonomous college-level exams) of full-time PG program in science, engineering/ technology/agriculture/pharmacy/other applied science streams and MBBS. 



  • Batch size less than 10 students and/or less than 65% marks of the entire course/ program
  • Toppers in any subject specialization in PG
  • Autonomous college-level exams shall not be considered.


Aspirants would be further subjected to a two tier process :       


  •          - Screening of eligible applications by an expert committee.                    
  •          - Final selection through an expert committee 

It will be completed within 6 months from the last date of submission of the DST
Results will be declared through online web portal (
No hard copy of the Offer Letter to be provided by any other mode.



The Memorandum of the DST shall be subject to periodic changes as per government’s orders.
Validity of the Fellowship will either extend for a period of 5 years or till the completion of the Ph.D Program (whichever is earlier)


  • Fellows cannot enjoy multiple and simultaneous fellowships from different sources.
  • The “Effective Dates” for various categories of candidates shall be applicable as follows

 - Those who enjoyed a fellowship prior to INSPIRE - date of acceptance/joining / switching over from any other fellowship (Should be earlier than the date of application received at the DST)

- Those placed under “Provisional Selection” from the 9th advertisement onwards and later issued a “Final Offer” - date of uploading documents related to the confirmed Ph.D. admission or date of Ph.D. admission (whichever is later).

 -  In case of resignation from some other fellowship - only after the date of resignation. Resignation from any previous fellowship is permitted only after the “Final Offer” of INSPIRE Fellowship.

  • Admission into the Ph.D. program is mandatory for final selection under the fellowship.
  • Information about the date of joining to be provided to the DST through its online portal in the format of Joining - cum - Acceptance Letter ( provided by the DST - Inspire Program)


Termination of the fellowship takes place under these circumstances - 

  • Successful viva-voce of awarding Ph.D Degree
  • Completion of five years Fellowship Tenure
  • Approved resignation prior to completion
  • Migration to another Host Institute without prior approval from DST
  • Inability to get admission a year after the issue of the “Provisional Offer”
  • Non - acceptance of the Final Offer within a month of issue.

An INSPIRE Fellow should fulfil his duty towards the DST by performing his duties sincerely and diligently. He should be regular in informing the DST about his progress. Moreover, he should be committed to the cause and research in the field till the date of completion of his tenure of five years or till the time the objectives are realised (whichever is earlier). However, in case of discontinuation, he should dutifully inform so to the DST within a week and furnish the required documents positively. Research in the project specified to him must remain his top most priority. He should not only send a copy of his research papers at each stage to the DST but also acknowledge the contribution of the DST in this publications.