Laughing At Yourself Is Actually Good And Healthy For You

Laughing At Yourself Is Actually Good And Healthy For You

A study has found that people who generally crack jokes for themselves have a 'greater level of psychological well being. Being able to laugh at yourself may be a sign of an optimistic personality and it also helps you to improve your mood. Laughter gives us strength both, mentally and spiritually. As research says people who are able to laugh at themselves are much happier.

As William Arthur Ward says, “To make mistakes is human; to stumble is commonplace; to be able to laugh at yourself is maturity”.

Do not obsess with past and laugh about it. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes in our lives, doing and saying the thing that we should not have done or said and we wish we could take back things. When we start to realize that we all are deeply flawed in our own ways, our lives become simply beautiful and interesting. We have two options; we can either grieve for our past mistakes or laugh at them so we should prefer the second option.

When you laugh at yourself you radiate positivity. Being able to laugh at yourself is linked to the higher levels of optimism and better moods. Do not take your life and things too seriously, let them happen as they do and laugh at the absurdity of it all. Do not allow negativity to have the upper hand, fight against it and make laughter is one of your power tools.

A lot of things that you worry about are not even going to matter in the long run. Do not allow the small and trivial things to consume your life. These things may not be matter in a couple of years so why even waste time to think about them seriously. So laugh as much as you can and suppress your anger and be cool.