How influential is PM Modi's forte to wave the saffron flag in 19 major states?

How influential is PM Modi's forte to wave the saffron flag in 19 major states?

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is back in power for the sixth consecutive term in Gujarat and also swept Congress away from Himachal Pradesh. The saffron party stands strong in 19 out the 29 states in the country, the most ever by a political party. The last time any party dominated in India was Indira Gandhi’s Congress which ruled in 18 states.

While people rejoice the historic win, most of this success is being rightly credited to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has been the face of the party since he came to power in 2014. Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, BJP was in power in only five states –Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, and Chhattisgarh. But the ‘Modi-wave’ has been able to wash away Congress from major states since then.

The victories have established PM Modi as the most dominant person with a country-wide appeal, thus, transforming the country’s political landscape. The paradigm of Indian politics which existed since Mandalisation has been changed with Modi collaring the love of crore of Indians with both hands as the country continues to move fast on the path of development under his leadership.

The thing that worries his opponents is the fact that PM Modi has appeared to crack any code to secure enough support to win elections on a consistent basis. Though he holds the advantage of being backed by a formidable political machine with networks on the ground to get its caste arithmetic right and obviously, a war chest no peer can match.

The opposition parties, especially Rahul Gandhi-led Congress, have to rethink and rebuilt the team to match the calibre of PM Modi. While Congress yielded their dominated space to amalgamate with extremists groups in various states and paint themselves into the corner, Modi has been clever to varnish himself into the vacated space. PM Modi didn’t take time to identify himself to the new aspirational India, but Congress has always carried out their patronising approach from old times.

Congress was assured of PM Modi taking a hit for his demonetisation move as they kept saying the poor had been adversely affected by it, not considering that voters are literate enough to make a judgement. At present times, it will only be a suicidal move to criticize PM Modi in front of the huge masses, therefore, they have to come up with new young faces who will rewrite the story that needs to be told to the voters.