Nasheed seeks Indian diplomatic and military intervention

Nasheed seeks Indian diplomatic and military intervention

The exiled former President of Maldives, Nasheed has taken a strong stand against the unlawful declaration of emergency by the President Abdulla Yameen. The declaration of Emergency followed the orders to troops to arrest the top judge, Abdulla Saeed and also Ali Hameed.

  Chaos broke out in the Indian Ocean archipelago after a series of events. The Supreme Court of the nation has ordered the release of nine high profile opposition politicians on the pretext that their trials were politically motivated and thus flawed to a massive extent. Moreover, the former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoon is also detained at home due to his famous ties with the opposition.

 Nasheed, the country’s first democratically elected leader who is affiliated to the Maldivian Democratic Party was himself sentenced to a 13year term behind the bars in March, 2015. He was convicted on terror charges due to the arbitrary arrest of the Chief Criminal Judge, Abdullah Muhammad during his presidency.

  Nasheed has indeed been at the forefront for the struggle for an effective and representative democracy in Maldives. He has firmly stated that the declaration of President Yameen announcing an emergency, banning of fundamental freedoms and suspension of the Supreme Court is not only unconstitutional but also illegal and the citizens of Maldives ought not to abide by such infringements. He has also appealed to the India and USA to help in removing him. He has also asked for the support of the United States to ensure that the financial transactions of the leaders of Yameen’s regime are not conducted through American financial institutions. He has also raised speculations with regard to Yameen’s deliberate delay in implementing the ruling of the apex court of the country.

    On being called out under terror charges, Nasheed very clearly announces his intentions to contest in the next elections. On being deprived of this right, he will also knock the door of the United Nations Organization.