Sagoon App launched in India, borrows idea from Sarahah

Sagoon App launched in India, borrows idea from Sarahah

The first trailer being released back in September, a new social app –Sagoon- has been launched in India. The new app borrows its idea from a range of already existing social apps available in the market that includes Facebook and anonymous messaging app Sarahah.

The new app provides a social commerce platform, while its official app comes with a target to deliver users the experience of social media along with giving them an opportunity to earn as well. The app is now officially made available on the Google Play Store and has already been downloaded over 10,000 times.

The app comes with three important features My Day, Secret, and also Mood Talk. ‘My Day’ will allow you plan your daily activities along with facilities like setting reminders, keeping track of your schedules. ‘Secret’, on the other hand, is a section that lets you have private conversations with messages that disappear. It also shares thoughts with others without disclosing identity, and can also explore what everyone is talking about from the community.

Lastly, ‘Mood Talk’ is a chat feature that allows you communicate with others using moods, that basically refers to real-time animated characters which will reflect your current state of mind.

‘Sagoon’ has opened channels for Indian consumers to invest in the company’s third round of funding by the crows through debit or credit cards.