Signs You are Giving Too Much Of Yourself

Signs You are Giving Too Much Of Yourself

Helping others is one of the best feelings that we can experience ever. This also leaves a positive impact on people we love and care for. But when we start caring too much and cross the line between helpful intentions and dysfunctional helping and giving, it can end up suffering in our own happiness.
                     To avoid being used and manipulated by others you need to realize that you are giving too much of yourself. Here are some signs that indicate your too much caring nature:

You never say ‘No’:

You find hard to say no to others. This is your biggest weakness. Inside you do not agree to do things and you are cringing, that would be a sign you give too much of yourself.
               You have right to say ‘no’, with or without any explanation. If you cannot say no directly then keep your words polite and firm. Never get pressurized into doing things.

You have not time for yourself


Continuously doing selfless acts, you do not get time for yourself. Everyone comes first and your own needs come last. In the end, you are the only one who left alone because you were too busy to please others.
                 Do yourself a favor, learn to love yourself and start spend time alone because everyone needs rest and relaxation. Rest and relaxation has no other alternative

You have become problem solver for anyone.

You always surrounded by needy people and when you look at them you feel like they all are depend on you. When you start giving too much to others, they start taking advantage of yours and demand more of you.
                   So stop being everyone’s problem solver because you have your own problems and no one will come to solve them. Show others that you get know that they are taking advantage of you and you won’t give time to them. Stand up for yourself.

You try to hide your true feelings.

 You never share your opinion, ideas, feelings and emotions with others. You are afraid to stand up for yourself and always think about what everyone else thinks. Caring too much bout others’ thinking will drive you crazy.
                  You cannot do everything according to everyone and to make them please. So, be yourself and be kind.