Top 5 Regional Festivals in India

Top 5 Regional Festivals in India

India is best known as a traveling destination as it is famous for its scenic beauty, rich heritage, and diversity. However, the country is most famous for its distinct festivals celebrated in every corner of the nation. 

If you are planning for holiday in India, here are the five festivals you should never miss out :

Bihu (Assam) :

Bihu is the most important festival in Assam. However, it is divided into three parts –Bohag Bihu, which is celebrated in April. It marks the beginning of an Assamese New Year. People wash and worship cows, take the blessing of elders, and at night get tuned to Bihu functions. Secondly, comes the Kati Bihu in October, where a peaceful environment is created by lighting earthen lamps at the foot of household Tulsi plant, on the garden and the paddy fields. Lastly, Bhogali Bihu arrives in January which brings along all the regional foods. You won’t stop until your belly gives up wholly.

Navratri (Gujarat) :

Dandiya, Garba, and tunes of Falguni Pathak take the grand stage during Navratri in Gujarat. Locals also perform a Durga Puja in between this 10-day lively festival. Acoustic music, dance, and a chance to wear the ethnic Gujarati costume, you just can’t afford to miss this regional festival in October. Some Ghagro na Choli !?

Hemis Festival (Kashmir) :

This festival is celebrated on full swing in Hemis Gongpa, the largest & richest monastery in Kashmir. It is celebrated to honour the birth anniversary of Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Men are dressed in traditional attires while women take up heavy jewelry and headgears. It also marks the celebration of victory over evil. If you are in Kashmir during May, this festival will surely add extra stars on your trip.

Ellora Festival (Maharashtra) :

Organized by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, it is a celebration of cultural, classical music, and some dancing at the Ellora Caves. It signifies the grandeur of Indian art and the various cultural forms. The performances are bound to leave you awestruck, especially if you’re into Indian arts, crafts, and traditions.

Pongal (Tamil Nadu) :

The best time to visit Tamil Nadu is during Pongal festival in January. This four-day festival is celebrated to thank the Gods and nature and people pray for abundance in health and wealth.  During Pongal, the festivities are marked by boiling milk in new clay pots at the time of sunrise and when the milk boils over shouting “Pongalo Pongal”. You will love being in this southern state during this time of the year.