A large decline in US student visas to Indians in 2017

A large decline in US student visas to Indians in 2017

A sharp decline of 28% in the in the number of visas issued by the United State to Indian student in 2017. China and India are the top two countries for foreign students, followed by South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

F-1 student visas issued by the US declined by 17% from 417,728 in 2016 to 393,573.India has accounted for largest drop- from 65,257 in 2016 to 47,302 in 2017. Chinese student graph fell by 24%, because of 2014 visa policy change specific to the country. Excluding China, the overall number fell by 13%.

According to Wall Street Journal, the changes were reflected in the Foreign Affairs Manual, which is an official guide for consular officials. A spokeswoman told the journal, “The president’s mandate requires us to rigorously enforce all existing grounds of inadmissibility and to ensure subsequent compliance with related laws after admission”.

Earlier also US universities had noted a significant drop in admission application as per reports and surveys. However, it could not be confirmed whether fewer applications are because of the number of visas issued could have declined.

According to American Association of Colligate and Registrars and Admissions Officer, “Nearly40% of US  colleges are seeing declines in applications from international students, and international student recruitment professionals report ‘a great deal of concern’ from students and families about visas and perceptions of a less welcoming climate in the US”.