Delhi wonderkid Tejaswin Shankar determined to break records

Delhi wonderkid Tejaswin Shankar determined to break records

It’s been some time now that prior to every competition, Tejaswin Shankar sets a target for himself. According to his standard operating procedure, the high jumper searched through the Athletics Federation of India official website to find the indoor jump national mark ahead of his debut competition since joining the Kansas State University last year. But to his surprise, he was not able to find any information.

Shankar said over a call: “I know Wikipedia, sometimes, may not be a reliable source, but I looked up for the mark there (2.18 m) and pointed ‘this will be my target’.”

The Delhi boy achieved his Wikipedia-learnt target while representing his University at the Triangular Trophy last week. However, he was disappointed no to have bettered the 11-year-old national record formerly set by Hari Shankar Roy at the 2007 Doha Indoor Asian Championships. He stated: “Abhi toh record bhi nahi toota. I am a bit disappointed with my performance. But this is just my first competition of the year.”

The 6’4” athlete owns the outdoor national record of 2.26m set two years ago in the 2016 Junior Nationals and now has moved to the US on a four-year scholarship in 2017.

The 19-year-old athlete has a very hectic schedule at his University as his day begins at six in the morning and only goes to bed around 11. He also admitted that it is not an easy task to mix up with classes and training.