E-vehicles coming much closer towards their goal

E-vehicles coming much closer towards their goal

Due to the increasing pollution in the environment , major steps or the innovations made by government or various other tycoons. These proved to be really helpful for the problem for which they were created.

The major pollution faced by the country is air pollution and the major reason behind this are the industries and the immense increase in the number of vehicles on road. Everyone today is having a two wheeler and a four wheeler as well and most of the people aspiring much more than it and fulfilling their aspirations. It is good on the part of development of an individual but somewhere or the other it  is not good or beneficial for the whole country.

To reduce it many adaptations were adapted. The launching of e-motors or vehicles helped to reduce the pollution and now they have reached one more step closer to their goal.

Telangana is warming up the E- vehicles before the policy is out in the place to make state eco-friendly. The road transport authority has accorded permits to dealers for temporary registrations in the state. An e-rickshaw and e-cart maker opened a sales showroom recently in kattupally and Uppal. Before these vehicles will come on road they have to go with the temporary registration. The E- vehicles which were in the market for a whike were  being registered as they came from stables of manufactures or dealers that have been selling petrol and diesel vehicles.

Transport commissioner said that infrastructure including charging stations, that is required to support running of vehicles has to be put in place.

Changes coming hopefully will change the trend.