First impression and Confidence

First impression and Confidence

Do you recall a time when you met someone? Or think about the last time you watched a speaker deliver a presentation or even your teacher talking to you in class. What were your first impressions? Did you sense confidence or a lack confidence?

As you observe others, you can identify some signs and signals that give away whether they are confident or not. Mandatory Typical things to look for in a confident people include:

  • Posture- the way you are standing with the shoulder back
  • Eye contact –solid with a ‘smiling’ face
  • Gestures with hands and arms – purposeful and deliberate.
  • Speech-slow and clear
  • Tone and voice-moderate to slow.

You can use this knowledge to convey feelings without actually expressing them in words. For example, if you are about to enter a situation where you are not as confident as you would like to be, such as demonstrating a presentation or participating in a debate or giving a speech at the school assembly, you can adopt these ‘ confidence’ sign and signals.

How can you tell you whether your message is falling on ‘deaf ears’? Some of the common signs that the person you are speaking with may be feeling defensive include:

  • Facial expressions are minimal
  • Body is physically turned away from you
  • Arms are closed in front of his body
  • Eye maintain little contact or are downcast.