For the love of books- prevent the yellowing of pages

For the love of books- prevent the yellowing of pages

If you have loads of books lying around or you are a bibliophile, this is always a problem. Once the pages of a book start to yellow, there's no going back. To prevent pages from becoming discoloured and brittle, here are a few things you can do.

1. Avoid Sunlight: Keep your books away from humidity temperature as the moisture in the air will damage the page.

2. Avoid Humidity Extremes: Keep your books away from humid temperatures  as the moisture in the air will damage the paper.

3. Archival Materials:  Archival paper can be used to absorb acid. This means you will have to layer the paper throughout the book. This method is impractical for an entire collection, but may be the perfect way to protect the most important and valuable selections in your library.

4. Store books properly: Ensure that there is at least a space of 3 inches between the books and the       wall for proper air circulation.

5. It also depends if the books are printed on acid free paper because those are the good ones. “In the long run it is easier just to buy quality books that are made with acid free paper!. Most hardbacks or even trade paperbacks will outlive you, regular paperbacks won’t!. If you already have them, all you have to do to keep them from yellowing is store them in airtight, airless containers!.

 If you have a maasive collection of old books the task becomes more difficult. This is because they are likely to already be showing signs of damage. They are also going to have been created with unstable materials.  So, the process of protecting your Books can be accomplished if you are diligent in your practices.