Google stops selling the Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones

Google stops selling the Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones

Google has removed the original first-generation Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones from its Google Store Store and the Project Fi store, suggesting the stock is all dried up and no more will be made. This step proves that Google is good at building phones but terrible at selling them.

For the first time, it seemed like Google wanted to employ an Apple-like pricing lineup, with flagship phones moving to a lower tier and getting a discount. Even with the Pixel 2's release, though, the Pixel 1's perennial stock problems remained, and the phones were never readily available in Google's Store.

The landing page for the 2016 Pixels on Google Store now redirects to another page with just two links, which was first spotted by Android Police  — Pixel 2 and accessories for the Pixel 2. India was among the first six countries where Pixel was launched in October 2016, starting at Rs 57,000.

According to a report,“The Pixel had a good run, and it probably wasn’t selling a lot of units. Google knocked a bit off the price of the first-gen phone after the Pixel 2 launched, but it still started at $549. The Pixel 2 was just $100 more.” Google later confirmed this to Digital Trends.

Digital Trends has reported, “Some third-party retailers are still selling the phone, though we’re not sure how much longer that will last. Currently, Amazon is selling both new and refurbished versions of the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.”