How To Fix Overheating Problem In Laptop

How To Fix Overheating Problem In Laptop

Overheating in the laptop is a very common problem. In summer, this problem is on rising. The formation of dust particles in battery pins or in fan raises the chances of overheating in the laptop. To fix this problem, you just need to take some careful steps.

  • To clean laptop's battery, keep the laptop away from the battery. Then blow it with canned air. By doing this the dust particles come out from the battery. During cleaning of CPU, you must keep the pressure of air slow.


  • Do not use a wet cloth to wipe any electronic devices. If your laptop's CPU is not working properly, then do not use it much more. If you use it more, overheating can increase.


  • If your laptop is old, you can use cooling kit. Buy laptop fan according to the structure of laptop. If the battery still overheats even after using the cooling kit, then change the battery. Put the charger in laptop again and again can also raise the overheating issue.


  • Mostly laptops take air from the bottom. If you put your laptop on pillow or blanket, air ventilation cannot happen properly and start overheating. So keep your laptop on a flat surface, it reduces the possibility of overheating.