Minister Vs. Heroes: Time to collude, not collide

Minister Vs. Heroes: Time to collude, not collide

In an anomalous attack on the Indian defence services, Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Shipping and Transport, bursted out at the top personnel of Navy for spurning permission for the construction of a floating hotel and a private jetty at the Nariman Point on the Arabian Sea.

The Bombay High Court rejected the Union Minister’s project proposal following orders from the Navy. The rejection didn’t come out well for Nitin Gadkari, who flagrantly abused the Indian Navy at an event where Vice Admiral Girish Luthra, Commander-in-Chief of Western Navy Command was also in attendance. He said: “What does the Navy have to do with Malabar Hill. Instead, they should be guarding the borders of the country.”

The Navy officials rejected the proposal to build the jetty subject to the fact that their prior proposal of building a land in the same place where they along with their families can accommodate themselves is still under the radar. They further stated security reasons for refusing the project.

Nitin Gadkari further added: “They have come to me seeking a plot of land. Now, I will not give them even an inch of land. You should better go to the Pakistan border as land on the eastern seafront is being developed by the state government and Mumbai Port Trust and this will be for the benefit of local citizens."

With his party in power, the Union Minister could have easily found out an alternative solution for this instead of taking a dig at the officers, the same officers whose selfless service has been protecting the country from various threats.

Stern statements made by Nitin Gadkari like “We are the government. The Navy and Defence ministry are not the government” speak highly of his mentality and respect towards the same people who are maintaining the safety of their countrymen from all kinds of trespassing or attacks on the country.

Are the men in uniform good as long as they salute or return in a coffin rapped in tri-colour? Why was he so upset by the Navy’s rejection of a private realty project that he had to express public outrage on decorated servicemen of the country? Such flock of minister proves their nationalism by creating useless controversies on one day while on the other days, they come out to disrespect the true heroes of our country.