New era of hope for 70 million Muslim Women as 'Triple Talaq Bill ' passes in Lok Sabha

New era of hope for 70 million Muslim Women as 'Triple Talaq Bill ' passes in Lok Sabha

While it is indispensable that communities move towards reform and confront the concerns raised by women of the community equally, there is an urgent need to strengthen the provisions of reverent laws to address the inner violence going on in the country.

Contemporary politics in India never fails to amaze the chronicler of social history. While the actual status of women is often measured by any indicator, not education perhaps, shows a consistent decline, in the public domain. Significantly, even as the nation failed to stand up for its women on most counts, it is finally making amends to take a stand to defend the women in the nation. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to stand for the safety of Muslim women could have been considered as the latest move in a game that gets more dangerous with the interplay of politics, religion, culture and nationalism. But PM Modi successfully convinced his counterparts for succoring his challenging resolution, thus, writing the script of a new role for women from the minority community.

After being given a huge boost by the Supreme Court on banning triple talaq by a 3:2 majority vote in August, the country rejoiced again when the Lok Sabha passed the bill this week, which means a golden new chapter has begun for more than 7.5 crore Muslim women in the country.

While one can only imagine the kind of courage it takes to rebel against entrenched discrimination in an Islamic environment where women are forbidden from being seen, PM Modi has certainly reformed the country’s policies to draw it towards the path of development. The Prime Minister specifically spoke of the struggles of Muslim women who live under the sword of ‘triple talaq’.

Although opposition parties like Congress and Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress didn’t oppose the Bill, some leaders from the RJD, BJD, AIADMK, and AIMIM did raise their voice against the same to give an impression that safety of their better half is of less concern to them. AIMIM’s Asaduddin Owaisi came forward to accuse PM Modi of vested interests behind the legislation, and said it was an attempt to demonise the Muslim men. He further added that the Bill would violate fundamental rights.

Nevertheless, Narendra Modi has become the liberator of more than 7 crore Muslim women in this country. To all the women suffering under the yoke of Islamic patriarchy, Narendra Modi has become the brother they never had.