Players are now stronger, it's tough to set new goals, Leander Paes

Players are now stronger, it's tough to set new goals, Leander Paes

44-year-old tennis ace Leander Paes is having difficulty to set new goals for himself with as many as 18 Grand Slam titles along with an Olympic medal already in his cupboard. Yet he has decided to spend his off-season getting stronger in order to cope up with the modern day tennis which is mostly dominated by brutal power.

While majority of his contemporaries have hung up their boots and are on the coaching line and most of his juniors shining the racket for the country, this one Indian legend is hunger for tennis and is far from being satisfied.

He said in a recent interview: "The off-season for me is about skill, endurance, core, weights, back and addressing my game to a new level because now the game has become much physical. All these boys on the court are either 6'3" or 6'5". They are very strong which gives very less reaction time to its opponents as the ball is being hit so hard. Working on your power means that the serve can be powerful and the forehand can be stronger.

When asked if the question of retirement keeps popping at this stage of his career and then with many wondering what is helping him to keep him going, the legend replied: "Currently, I am going through a beautiful part of my tennis career, where I don't have to prove anything. The ability to still control the ball and command the court is what keeps me motivated."