Steps Of Yours On the Stairs Of Health

Steps Of Yours On the Stairs Of Health

Do you take help of lift to move from one floor to another floor? If yes, you need to change your habit of using elevators to move and start using stairs instead of lift. If you start climbing stair, you do not need to do exercise on daily basis. 

Climbing stairs prevents you from many serious health issues.

  1. Weight loss. According to a research, those who use stairs instead of elevators, they have less fat. If you climb the stairs for 5 minutes daily, it decreases the chances of having extra fat after the age of 30.

  2. No risk of sudden death. According to a study in Harvard university, stair climbing reduces the 33% chances of sudden death. When you walking up and down stairs, you use your 3x energy than go jogging.

  3. Burn calories. Do you go jogging daily? Then you need to know that if you use stairs, it burns your calories more than jogging. When you climb stairs, your body starts doing workout. The presence of calories in your body increases the risk of diseases related to heart.

  4. Take care of your heart. When you walking up and down stairs, it makes your heart more strong. Stair climbing increases our heartbeats and the blood circulation becomes faster because our heart starts pumping the blood faster. If you use stairs for 5-10 minutes daily, it decreases 60% chances of heart diseases.

Stair climbing is considered as an aerobic exercise. It provides more oxygen to our brain, increases stamina and loss our weight. It also maintains the flexibility of our knees. It is believed that, if a person climbs the stairs for 400 times in a day, it is equal to go jogging for 15 minutes.