Lakshyam is a pan Indian NGO that works for uplifting several sections of the society. Ever since it's inception in 2004, Lakshyam has engaged in a number of social welfare activities that aim to support women and children in different spheres of life, ranging from education to personal life.

In a city like Delhi, they aim to give love, faith and support to those who have been far too neglected to have hope in their hearts. Lakshyam is an enterprise that aims to locate communities that are in need of help and adopts them informally. Under their three programs, they have endeavored to protect human lives from the evils of poverty and helped them increase their standard of living. Their other initiatives include providing hygiene workshops, women empowerment classes, self-defense and education. In their decade long illustrious journey, they have had some countless wonderful partners who have had faith in them and showed support at each and every step.

Rooh-Women Empowerment Program 
Rooh is program that focuses on creating an environment conducive for women from the not-so-privileged communities. Imparting skill building training and teaching the art of sewing, cutting, stitching and embroidery to women, thus creating opportunities for income enhancement. It focuses on issues affecting the lives of women, like health and hygiene, education, child-care and basic civic sense is provided to the community.

Butterfly-Child Welfare Program 
This Program has been designed, keeping in view the two integral building blocks of a healthy childhood, development and participation. The remedial Educational Center based at the slum in Delhi and elsewhere (adopted by Lakshyam) provides an education encompassing textual knowledge and personality development, along with special attention to workshops on cleanliness, hygiene, discipline, extra curricular activities and positive life habits that are carried out to help the children join the mainstream society with a broader and deeper perspective as well as an enhanced personality.

Lakshyam set up its first toy library 
Lakshyam set up its first toy library 8 years ago with thousands of toys collected from various schools across Delhi. Now, they have 16 of them throughout the country. When they installed toy boxes at numerous schools and announced their aim, thousands of toy all together landed in their banks. These toys accompanied with various books were free for children to play with. Children can access these toys whenever, however they want. Lakshyam's aim to fill in this void in their lives has been so far successful. With storybooks and toys, Lakshyam wishes for the children to have a normal life without any depravity. And we hope for it to get better with time!