9 New Health & Wellness Trends That Finally Convinced Us To Invest More In Self-Care

9 New Health & Wellness Trends That Finally Convinced Us To Invest More In Self-Care

A bird hovers in the centre of a screen in front of me. “Allow your worrisome thoughts to turn into bubbles and ease into this soothing melody,” says the voice in my guided meditation VR. 

I’m in a dimly lit room with my noise cancellation headphones on and I cannot hear anything but calming sounds, I cannot see anything but only what I choose to imagine. 

Breathe in, breathe out GIF © Carlotta Notaro

This newly acquired power to improve my professional performance and mental health is intriguing. And it’s catching on like other inspiring health and wellness trends that are here to stick around.   

1. Sound Healing

Sounds of nature have always fascinated humans. The frequency-led, chakra healing music has struck new chords in the world of well-being. 

The world is becoming more and more aware of the power of personal vibrations. From guided soundscapes powered by artificial intelligence to ancient techniques like psychoacoustics, sound baths became more popular in 2021 and will continue to escalate. 

Make sure your experience is uninterrupted.  


2. The New Gen Of Old-School Vitamins

Woke brands are working on smart supplements that include strategic improvements based on the latest scientific discoveries. One such example is vitamin gummies that are more consumable than hard-to-swallow pills. The thoughtful innovation will continue in 2022.

These forward-thinking supplement formulas will not just include vitamins but multi-nutrients such as omega-3, calcium, probiotics. The science is inclining towards plant-based nutrients, even for the vitamins as rare in vegetarians as B12 and D.


3. The Age Of A Trauma-Informed World

The awareness around mental health and trauma has evolved. With supportive communities emerging, individuals speaking up about their experiences, unhealthy sleeping patterns, anxiety and depression and research speeding forward, we’re on track for a more trauma-informed future.  


4. Fertility Spotlight Shifting To Men

Conversations about fertility are continuing in the right direction. With time we’re opening our minds and knowledge to fill the much-avoided gap: male fertility. Statistics about declining sperm count and reproductive health has indicated that this topic can no longer be ignored. 


5. Touchless Spas 

Thanks to the rollercoaster that this pandemic has been, the demand for relaxation has increased. And so has the fear of being too close to an infected person. Hence, the touchless spas. 

Services like no-touch facials, relaxation pods and dry hydrotherapy massages are being introduced. The beauty industry is rethinking the face-to-face experience. The professionals will continue to follow the rules of social distancing.


6. Virtual Fitness

Virtual fitness classes were already gaining popularity before COVID-19 spread, but the pandemic only increased the number of people inclining towards online classes. Virtual studios have started offering everything—from diet plans to dance classes to mental health professionals.   

These classes are often affordable, mostly accompanied by mindbending offers and always convenient.


7. Immune Health

A global health crisis can boost your interest in immunity. Workout, nutrition, therapies—people are doing everything they can to understand and boost their immune system. As a result, the sales of superfoods have skyrocketed.

The truth is that the immune system can't be boosted, but simply optimized to work as effectively as possible. 


8. Facial Workout Is In

The beauty industry is rolling out the tools that can assist you with facial workouts. As claimed by skin care experts, these tools can help you achieve better skin texture, quality and a more chiselled appearance.


9. Nourishing Full-Body Biome

Our knowledge about the microbiome has only increased in the last decade. Today we understand the complex relationship of the bacteria living on us, in us with our body. 

We can achieve better health by maintaining a good relationship with these microbiomes. For example, consuming probiotics and prebiotics can drastically improve our health.


The Bottomline

These health and wellness trends are fueled by the pandemic, but they reflect long-term conversations and changes in our society. These trends are worth your time and money. Use them for your benefit in the years to come.

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