Afghanistan Updates: Ghani Defends his Decision to Flee; Reports of Violence at Kabul Protests

Afghanistan Updates: Ghani Defends his Decision to Flee; Reports of Violence at Kabul Protests

Former Afghanistan President, Ashraf Ghani has denied allegations that, he fled Kabul with millions of dollars. He has also denied any and all corruption charges against him. In a statement issued on Wednesday, Ghani said that, these charges were completely false. “These charges are completely and categorically false…Leaving Kabul was the most difficult decision of my life, but I believed it was the only way to keep the guns silent and save Kabul and her 6 million citizens.”

Zaki Daryabi, the publisher of two Afghan media houses shared a series of photos and videos on Twitter demonstrating the violence on Journalists that covered the women’s march in Kabul on Wednesday. He said that the Taliban detained and later released the five journalists. Daryabi shared an image of red welts on a person’s lower back and another clip of a group of women protesting on the streets being dispersed by an alleged Taliban member.

The last member of Afghanistan’s Jewish community, Zebulon Simentov, has left the country. He lived in a dilapidated synagogue in Kabul. He kept kosher, prayed in Hebrew, and endured decades of war as the country’s ages-old Jewish community rapidly diminished. 

In the most recent Interview, the deputy head of the Taliban’s cultural commission, Ahmadullah Wasiq, said that sport is not seen to be of importance for women. “I don’t think women will be allowed to play cricket because, it is not necessary that women should play cricket.” This announcement comes as no surprise to the women protesting against the Taliban rule in Kabul. 

There is a lack of clarity on the Taliban’s stand on women, which is the primary reason for ‘fear’ amongst women across the country, a UN Official noted, warning that there were daily reports of curbs on the basic rights of women. They are being prevented from leaving the house without a male relative, women in some provinces are forced to leave work, and the protection centers for women who are fleeing, are being targeted.

The Afghan embassy in Delhi has declared the Taliban’s cabinet of ministers illegitimate with no representation of women or minorities. They condemned the announcement of the new government of ‘its so-called cabinet’ and called it ‘unjustifiable and illegitimate.’