Air conditioners in India are about to get costlier from July 1: Here’s why

Air conditioners in India are about to get costlier from July 1: Here’s why

Buying five-star rated air conditioners (ACs) is going to get dearer in India starting July 1, 2022, owing to a change in India’s energy efficiency rating norms. Energy Rating rules for air conditioners will change next month which would entail the energy ratings in the country tightening by one level.

Owing to this change, energy rating of existing air conditioners will be lowered by one star. This means that air conditioners that are rated five stars as of now, will be rated four stars starting July 1 when new standards come into effect. Additionally, five-star-rated air conditioners will cost more in India as the cost of producing more energy efficient air conditioners will go up significantly. As per a report by The Economic Times, the cost of five-star-rated ACs is expected to go up seven to 10 percent starting next month.

Why these changes in energy rating?

It is worth noting that these changes are a part of the new energy efficiency standards set up Government of India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) that require air conditioners in the country be smarter at consuming energy or electricity and consumer less energy than the older models.

As a part of these changes, the energy rating of all the air conditioners manufactured before June 30, 2022, will expire and they will be rated a step lower than their originally were. On the other hand, new air conditioners that are manufactured post June 30, 2022, will get five-star rating that is compliant with the updated standards.

“Please note that all the existing models are valid only till 30th June, 2022 and will be expired automatically after the expiry of the validity period,” BEE wrote in a circular.

Interestingly, BEE also detailed the time when this upcoming energy efficiency standard will expire. According to a circular shared by the organisation, the new standard will be applicable from July 1, 2022, to December 31, 2024, post which the appliances that are rated five stars as per the new standard will be rated a step lower.

It is worth noting that earlier, the new standard was first supposed to come into effect on November 10, 2022. However, the manufacturers urged the organisation to defer the changes by six months so that they are able to clear their inventory.

Refrigerators are next

Refrigerators are not the only appliances that are under going a change in standards. BEE is planning a similar measure for frost free refrigerators and direct cool refrigerators. But these changes will come into effect on December 31, 2022.

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