Airtel 558 prepaid recharge plan is the best 3GB per day data

Airtel 558 prepaid recharge plan is the best 3GB per day data

Airtel 558 Prepaid recharge plan has been announced to give the big fight to other similar prepaid data offering companies like Vodafone and Reliance Jio. The cost of latest Airtel plan is Rs 558. The user can get 3GB data per day by this recharge plan. This plan has a validity of 82 days. As a result, Airtel Rs 558 plan ends up offering a total up to 246GB of high-speed 4G data with a cost per GB of Rs 2.26, which is impressive.

Daily 100 SMS and unlimited local, STD and roaming calls are included in this latest offer. Here is below given why Airtel 558 plan is superb than other plans. 

Airtel 558 Plan vs Jio 299 plan

For some reason, Jio doesn’t have a longer-validity 3GB daily data plan. In fact, Jio Rs 299 is the only plan that offers 3GB data per day and competes with Airtel 558 plan. Jio 299 plan comes with a basic 28 days validity. Jio prepaid users subscribing to this plan end up availing total 84GB data with a cost per GB of Rs 3.55

Other benefits of Jio 299 plan also remain more or less the same as Airtel 558 such as unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. Looking at all these numbers, we can safely conclude that Airtel Rs 558 is better value for money as compared to Jio 299 plan.

Airtel 558 Plan vs Vodafone

Finally, Vodafone also has a few prepaid 3GB data per day plans up its sleeve that can pit against Airtel 558 plan. Here is what it has to offer: Vodafone 569 plan offers 3GB daily 4G high-speed data for 84 days, which is 2 days extra than Airtel. Hence despite a price difference of Rs 11, Vodafone 569 plan costs Rs 2.25 per GB.

After comparing all three plans it is clear that Vodafone Rs 569 plan is beating Airtel 558 plan with a tiny little margin. But decimals apart, Airtel and Vodafone are evenly matched in this department. Jio, for a change, has some catching up to do due to lack of longer validity 3GB daily data plans.