Best Backpacks For Men: 5 Slick & Functional Backpacks For The Contemporary Man

Best Backpacks For Men: 5 Slick & Functional Backpacks For The Contemporary Man

“Main daudna chahta hu. Udna chahta hu. Bas rukna nahi chahta.”

Remember Bunny and how much he loved adventure? Do you remember who was his partner-in-crime for all those adventures? It was his trusted backpack. 

Not just for him, a good backpack is a partner-in-crime for most of us. 

From going on a vacation to going to work, we all need a bag that’s comfortable, spacious and above all, durable. 

Finding the perfect bag is not easy and once you do find the right backpack, it’s even harder to watch it fail the test of time. 

You need not worry anymore because we have picked out the best backpacks for men for every occasion and purpose. 

Let’s check them out. 

Best Backpacks For Travel 

While travelling, your bag becomes your most prized possession. From trekking trips to road trips, the best backpack for travel should be all things practical. Here are some of our top picks: 

1. Black & Orange Foldable Backpack 

Space saving is always an issue while travelling. This backpack can be folded into a small pocket and carried as per your needs. Not only does it make travelling solo easy, it’s also a budget-friendly option for anyone. It comes with three different compartments that can be used to carry your travel essentials with utmost ease. 


2. Drawstring Backpack 

If you’re a working professional, this is the best backpack for travel for you. Some of its unique features include a luggage strap, water resistant coating and a separate laptop compartment. With this backpack, you don’t have to worry about your work essentials getting damaged, all thanks to its double layered fabric for increased protection. 


Best Laptop Backpacks 

Looking for a good laptop backpack is not easy, especially when you also want your bag to look slick and stylish. Here are some of the best backpacks for working professionals that are functional as well as fashionable. 

1. Office To Gym Multipurpose Backpack 

How many times has it happened when you have to carry two different bags while going to the office? One for your daily work essentials and one for your gym essentials. Well, you don’t have to carry two bags anymore because this backpack is multifunctional. 

Specifically designed for the urban man, it comes with separate shoe and gym wear compartments, alongside a separate slot for your laptop and other daily essentials. 


2. Grey Enigma Backpack 

Next up, we have the Enigma backpack for working professionals. With an ergonomic support and extra padding on the shoulder straps, you can bid farewell to back aches and bad posture, once and for all. Water resistant and spacious, this backpack comes with a 12-months warranty. 


Not only is this bag one of the best laptop backpacks, but also travel backpacks. It includes a luggage strap, water and wallet compartments for easy access while travelling. 

Best Backpack For College 

Last but not least, we have the most convenient and stylish college backpack for men. From laptops to notebooks and pens, you can now organise and carry all your college essentials with comfort.

1. Novella Grey Backpack 

Waking up and attending classes is definitely not a fun task and carrying an overstuffed, worn out backpack makes it even worse. Fortunately we found the best college backpack for you. 


The Novella bag comes with a separate laptop compartment, a front patch pocket, teo internal organisers, pen slots as well as a concealed zipper pocket. Like we said, this bag makes organisation an easy job. 

Oh and did we mention that you can pick out three batches of your own choice to go with your bag, for free? 

The Bottomline 

Backpacks are a modern day necessity that needs to tick all the right boxes. From being comfortable to carry to being spacious, these bags are perfect for the urban lifestyle. 

Now go on and pick out your favourite! 

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