Best Leather Footwear For Men: 7 Vegan Leather Flats For A Guilt-Free & Minimal Wardrobe

Best Leather Footwear For Men: 7 Vegan Leather Flats For A Guilt-Free & Minimal Wardrobe

Leather is timeless. 

Leather is chic. 

And this season, leather deserves a special spot in your wardrobe. 

Don’t you just love the versatility of leather shoes, accessories and of course a classic leather jacket? However, the one thing that we don’t love about it is the cruel manufacturing process. 

Well, don’t you worry because today we have the best vegan leather footwear for men. 

These leather sandals for men are made using PU or polyurethane leather, which is completely artificial and vegan. 

Here are some of our top picks for you: 

1. Leather Sandals With Straps 

These horizontal leather strap sandals are casual, yet elegant. The simplistic design is perfectly suited for all types of ethnic outfits as well as indo-western looks. Pair these up with classic denims and a kurta and you’re all set. 


2. Leather Slippers For Men 

Sometimes, all that you need is a pair of good old chappals. Everyone needs a good collection of elevated basics in their wardrobe and these leather slippers for men are perfect for that. 


3. Contemporary Kolhapuri Flats 

Next up, we have this pair of handmade vegan leather flats for men. In case your Kolhapuri collection needs contemporary updates, this pair is a must-have for you. From your regular casual outfits to traditional ones, this footwear can be paired with anything. 


4. Vegan Leather Slip Ons 

Simple, classic and versatile, this pair of leather slippers for men needs to be in every Indian guy’s wardrobe. It is the one timeless pair of footwear that you won’t regret buying and will wear time and again.


5. Leather Criss Cross Sandals

The best leather sandals for men are the ones that are durable, comfortable and stylish, all at the same time. This pair of footwear checks all these boxes. More so, a classic design like this can be worn year after year. 


6. Buckle Strap Open Toe Flats 

When it comes to fashion, we all love pieces that are both comfortable as well as stylish. These vegan leather flats for men are all things functional and practical. Be it a long day of your best friend’s wedding or a long day of festive work celebrations, these won’t disappoint you. 


7. Criss-Cross Ankle Strap Sandals 

Last but not the least, we have this pair of classic footwear for men. No matter what the trends are, a pair of criss-cross leather sandals can blend with pretty much anything. From a classic kurta pyjama to shirts and shorts, these sandals are perfect for all your casual outfits. 


The Bottomline 

Leather sandals for men are understated and timeless. If you’re someone with a sophisticated sense of style, a classic pair of leather footwear is a must-have in your collection. Which one of these footwear was your favourite? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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