BJP relies on RSS to reach out to farmers: MP Elections 2018

BJP relies on RSS to reach out to farmers: MP Elections 2018

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has motivated frameworks of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for the upcoming election campaign in Madhya Pradesh to woo the farmers and agriculturists, after an appraisal that the party isn't getting positive criticism from a few sections of the state, as said by the senior RSS leaders.

One senior RSS leader, who did not wish to be distinguished, said that the RSS is connecting with farmers and encouraging farm loan relief and making awareness among voters. One of the key interests is to individuals not to pick NOTA while making their choice and casting vote. The functionary said RSS volunteers have been entrusted with persuading voters annoyed and greatly upset with sitting BJP legislators that assuming regardless of whether they simply vote against the party, they would play under the control of the Congress.

The above-cited RSS leader said, “We are trying to persuade people by meeting heads of the families with a request to them to bail out the BJP this time... ”

The association is especially stressed over the Congress' poll promise that it would not enable the RSS to direct its 'shakhas' on government land, on the off chance that it comes to power. The RSS leader further added, “We are creating awareness among voters about the Congress promising to ban RSS shakas on government land.”

He said the RSS runs its shakhas for the most part on government land. Any ban as promised by the Congress would affect "social" working of the organization.

Another RSS office-bearer said volunteers are additionally telling people that the following BJP government would deal and take care of their loans. This is to tackle the Congress poll promise of forgoing farm loans of up to ?2 lakh within 10 days of coming to control in election-bound states.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan likewise addressed the issue at an election rally in Khandwa district, bringing up that the Congress has not postponed the loan of a single farmer in Punjab or Karnataka.

State Congress representative Bhupendra Gupta stated, "BJP looking for help of the RSS in elections is nothing new. It realizes that without spreading hatred or contempt in the public eye for the sake of caste, community and religion, it can't win the elections. Yet, we are sure that they won't have the capacity to mislead voters."

State BJP representative Rajneesh Agrawal simply said the BJP was challenging "as it was doing in the previous elections."

Ashok Pandey, a Sah Sanghchalak of RSS in Madhya Pradesh, said the RSS is connecting with individuals in "national interest".