Congress candidate attempts suicide to prevent police search at home

Congress candidate attempts suicide to prevent police search at home

A Congress candidate from Telangana recently attempted to kill himself by self-immolation to keep the police from conducting a search in his home at Kompally on the edges of Hyderabad, late on Monday night.

The candidate named Vanteru Pratap Reddy, who is contesting from the Gajwel assembly constituency against Telangana Rashtra Samithi President and Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao, was later arrested for deliberately obstructing the police from conducting the search.

A police official said, "No case has been recorded up until this point.”

As per the information given by Cyberabad Police, the Election Commission had gotten a complaint from TRS leaders prior in the day that Reddy along with his followers were circulating cash to individuals at his Kompally residence.

A team driven by Balanagar deputy commissioner of police Padmaja went to his residence to lead searches in his home adhering to the instruction from the poll body.

Reddy and his family members opposed the team's entrance into their home. He claimed the police were attempting to threaten Congress leaders and workers in the name of searches.

Reddy said, "There has been explicit information that substantial scale money circulation has been going at the farmhouse of KCR at Erravelli near Gajwel. I will give you a written complaint. Do you have the guts to conduct searches in his farmhouse?"

He said in light of the fact that he was giving an intense fight against KCR, the Chief Minister was prompting the police to mentally harass him and also physically. The police, be that as it may, endeavoured to persuade him that they were doing their job under the poll body's instructions.

As the police demanded they would need to break into the house, Reddy requested that his supporters bring a container of petrol and attempted to soak himself with fuel. Police, however, did not let him do it.

Many supporters of the Congress competitor gathered outside his home and began shouting slogans against the TRS government and Chief Minister.

As the circumstance turned tense, police arrested Reddy and cautioned the party workers against hindering them while they were performing their duties. After an intense search for over 60 minutes, the police left saying they didn't discover any cash or assets at the house.

Reddy went on a hunger strike before the workplace of returning officer of Gajwel last Saturday, claiming that TRS leaders were tapping his telephone and also harassing him. He affirmed the TRS was enjoying the large-scale distribution of cash and alcohol in the constituency.

Gajwel Police captured him and took him away just to let him off later. In any case, Reddy got himself admitted to a corporate hospital in Secunderabad, saying that he is suffering from low blood pressure.