Disastrous Air quality in Delhi

Disastrous Air quality in Delhi

People living in and around Delhi/NCR are facing the poor air quality issue. The storm has started from Rajasthan and people living in Delhi/NCR have problem in breathing. Due to storm and dust even during the day time sun is not properly visible. As per weather report the condition will remain same in Delhi/NCR for next 3 days.

PM 10 and PM 2.5 (the particulates) are the main concern issues, another major issues are the dust emission on roads, construction activity, traffic and industries which should be strictly adopted.

In Delhi PM 10 level was 981, PM 2.5 was 200 and in Noida PM 10 level was 1135, PM 2.5 was 444 wherein in Ghaziabad PM 10 level was 922, PM 2.5 was 458 which is on hazardous level.

As per the weather scientists this condition will remain same in Delhi for next 3 days as after three days, monsoon will arrive.

Wednesday was the warmest day in past eight years as the minimum temperature was 34 degrees. Today government will analyse the level of pollution, if it will remain same or on severe disastrous level then for few days will restrict the entry of trucks and will postponed the construction on sites in Delhi/NCR.