Evergreen Tea and its Magic

Evergreen Tea and its Magic

Apart from charging you up for the day, tea helps in weight loss and stress reduction. No matter what the season, tea can be a tasty beverage since it can be served iced or hot. Which type of tea you drink can make a difference. All non-herbal teas are made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The amount of time the leaves are processed determines whether you end up with a green, black or oolong tea.

Here is a summary of health benefits by different types of tea that you’ll want to try.

Green Tea: Green Tea leaves are more oxidize than white tea but less than oolong and black tea.  Its benefits include:

  • Green tea lowers cholesterol and inhibits the increase of blood pressure
  • It suppresses the formation of plaque on teeth and prevents cavities.
  • Green tea’s catechins also inhibits cancer growth

White Tea: Unlike the black tea, which is oxidized the most, white tea is least oxidized. This type of tea has the most medicinal elements intact. The benefits of the tea include:

  • Up to 20% of the white tea leaf is made of catechins which are very potent anti-oxidant.
  • White tea also helps in reducing cholesterol and slows the increase of blood pressure.
  • It retards the growth of bacteria that causes infectious, pneumonia and dental caries.
  • White tea helps keep your skin acne-free. It is widely used in beauty and cosmetic products.

Mint Tea: Peppermint and Spearmint are caffeine free and is good for digestion. It’s other benefits include:

  • It relieves nausea and reduces flatulence
  • Peppermint teas can help to reduce the pain of headaches associated with menstrual cramps.
  • The smell of mint can open blocked of breathing passage and can prove helpful to people suffering from asthma.