Five tricks to beat the mood swings during PMs

Five tricks to beat the mood swings during PMs

PMs can be really awful, what not a girl have to go through during this dreadful period from the irksome abdominal cramps and acne, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that causes mood swings which leave you restless and annoyed.
Mood swings are no good. They can spoil our entire day and you may spend the entire day on bed doing nothing. You lose interest in daily chores.
So, in order in boost your mood during periods, here are a list of five food items that you must have, that will not only lift your mood but also your taste bud to a great extent.

•    Dark Chocolates 
There is no better answer to bust your stress and lift your mood, than Dark Chocolates. Especially for girls, chocolates are their first love. Nothing makes them happier.
Dark Chocolates stimulates that part of brain that is associated with pleasure and thus makes you happy in the process.

•    Greek Yoghurt
If you have Greek Yoghurt topped with cherries, roasted almonds and fruits, how can you remain sad for a long time?
Yoghurt helps you get rid of the cranckiness and brightens up your mood.

•    Drinks
Get yourself a fresh fruit drink, majito , Green Tea, Black Tea, Coffee, Milk Or Even Butter Milk. Trust me, it will make you feel so much refreshing.

•    Avocados
Avocado is a perfect example to promote health and taste in unison. You can churn out a number of delicious recipes from avocados, be it avocado cheese toast or avocado rolls, to get rid of the foggy mood.

•    Fish
Your brain much like machine requires oil to function smoothly. Hence, adding omega 3 rich foods like fish to your diet may provide your brain with essential nutrients and help in its smooth functioning.