Former CM Mehbooba Mufti warns Delhi against breaking PDP

Former CM Mehbooba Mufti warns Delhi against breaking PDP

Jammu and Kashmir former CM Mehbooba Mufti has warned in an indirect attack to the BJP that breaking his PDP (People’s Democratic Party) will lead to serious consequences.

She said, ''If Delhi, tries to dismiss the voting rights of people like 1987, if it tries to create divisions and interfere like that then I think just like a Salahuddin and a Yasin Malik were born in 1987...if it tries to break PDP like that then outcomes will be dangerous.''

These comments were made by Ms Mufti weeks after the BJP disconnected its bonds with the PDP and pulled out of the ruling alliance government in Jammu and Kashmir.

She did not name BJP but a direct warning can be seen to the saffron party. On her statement BJP said that “Delhi joins not breaks.” As Ms Mufti glorified dissenters like Salahuddin and a Yasin Malik and called them as her ‘political heroes’, BJP also attacked on the PDP leader.

Earlier Mufti has also warned BJP after it ended its ties with PDP and said that any attempt in order to break her party “will erode the trust of the Kashmiris in Indian democracy”. She also said that, “If Delhi intervenes and breaks our party, and makes Sajad Lone or whosoever as the Chief Minister, it will erode the trust of the Kashmiris in Indian democracy. Any intervention from Delhi will be taken seriously.”

PDP chief said that, “It (any attempt to break the parties) can have serious repercussions and will strengthen the forces calling for the boycott of elections, as it will send out a message that mandate of the people is not being respected.”

Ram Madhav BJP general secretary for J&K has rejected the reports and said that his party was working on to form a government with the help of MLAs from different parties.

Governor’s rule was applied in the state after BJP pulled out of the alliance government and the assembly was put under suspended simulation.

Since then PDP leadership has faced insurgency at least from six MLAs and MLC.