Hairstyles and make-up tricks to try in Festive season

Hairstyles and make-up tricks to try in Festive season

The festive season is arriving and it gives us all the oppournity to celebrate with family and friends, and also attend gathering and parties.
Trust me, everyone woman wants to look a fashionista and give some major fashion goals every time she steps out to party.  So, here we are to help you with the hairstyle and make-up that you should give a try this festive season and for sure it will make some heads turn.

•    Braided low Bun
This is a stylish-yet-trendy hairstyle that can make you look like a million bucks at your next Diwali party. Pull together all your hair at the back of your head and beginning from the end of your crown, start Dutch braiding your hair. Follow this until you reach the lower part of the hair then wrap the remaining length around the hair tie until all the hair has been used up. This hairstyle will look wonderful with traditional wear as well as gowns.

•    Dutch pigtail braids
Boxer braids aka Dutch Pigtail Braids are the newest hairstyle trend that you can play with this festive season. This is pretty manageable to ace and looks awesome with any hair length, type, and color.•    Textured bun
 Ditch the regular sleek hairdos that go with saris and opt for a textured bun during this festive season.

•    Waterfall twist
This hairstyle is friendly with all kind of hair types and can be done effortlessly. You just need some pins and you’re good to go. The waterfall twist is not only easy but it gives a well-finished and stunning look as well. You can work this hairstyle on both curly as well as straight hair and it looks incredible with a sari, lehenga or a salwar kameez.

 Apart from Hairstyles, make-up also does wonder in enhancing your look to a great extent, so here are some tricks to prefect makeup look this festive season.

•    Lipstick enhances your beauty, and it is an integral part of make-up, but everybody likes lipstick on lips and not teeth. So avoid getting embrassed with this simple trick. After applying lipstick, place your forefinger in your mouth and pull out to get rid of excess lipstick and a prefect finish.

•    Drying of Mascara takes times and it often gets on your eyelids or spread. To revive your dried mascara, mix 2-3 drops of contact lens solution in it, shake, swirl the wand into the bottle, apply and you are all set with thick, long lashes.

•    The key to long-lasting make-up is the most commonly skipped step — a setting spray. It can work wonders. You can easily make one at home. Mix aloe vera gel in water and add a few drops of an aromatic oil (jasmine, lavender, rose). Put this mix in a spray bottle and it is ready to use. The aloe vera gel keeps your make-up looking fresh, and creases never pop up.