Harry Styles Joins Marvel As Thanos' Brother - All We Know About The Reveal From Eternals

Harry Styles Joins Marvel As Thanos' Brother - All We Know About The Reveal From Eternals

MCU movies are incomplete without their post credit scenes, and time after time they have managed to keep theaters full till the very last minute because of this. Now, we are no stranger to storylines being teased and new characters being introduced in MCU post credit scenes, not to mention their super intense crossovers, but sometimes it gets a little too intense - enough to send viewers over the edge.


Something exactly like this has reportedly happened during the premiere of Marvel's Eternals that just took place. More than the actual movie and how it was, the attendees were fixated on its post credit scene that made a huge reveal.


Reportedly, there was an appearance of Thanos' brother Eros in that particular post credit scene, and it's being played by none other than - hold your watermelons and watch your high sugar levels - the one and only Harry Styles. Yes, we repeat, Harry Styles has reportedly joined Marvel as Thanos' brother, Eros!

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Even though we need to wait for a bit more time to watch The Eternals, the news of Harry Styles joining MCU was leaked almost immediately after the premiere. 

Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere -- Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos.

— Matt Donnelly (@MattDonnelly) October 19, 2021

Even though people had mixed reactions to this early reveal, as some of them genuinely wanted to be surprised in the theaters and others were all too excited, one thing remains common - everyone seems to be freaking out. 

So mad I saw this here and not in theatres. Thanks.

— cela (@ce_laaa) October 19, 2021

I’m not gonna go overboard and call you names or say you should be fired and blah blah blah, but I absolutely think Disney should ban you from their premieres and critic screenings. Your job is an immense privilege and abusing it should have some consequences.

— The Evil Daniel 3: Medieval Daniel (@Thirdmanmovies) October 19, 2021

When Harry Styles shows up in the MCU. Audience squealed.

— Marc Malkin (@marcmalkin) October 19, 2021

Reminder to Harry styles fans:

Bring duck tape to cover your mouth when he shows up on the screen so you won’t scream to loud.

— Ella (@Niallers_box) October 19, 2021 

About the character, Harry is playing Eros, Thanos' younger brother, who is a mischievous, 'horny' womanizer of sorts, and 'doubles up as Starfox'. 

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The name sort of gives it away, but let's hold our horses for now, till we know more. But really, Marvel, why do you keep us on the edge of our seats without giving us something to hold on to?