How to check last seen of your DM contacts on Instagram

How to check last seen of your DM contacts on Instagram

Instagram started off as a photo-sharing app, but over the past few years, it has become a shopping hub, a short-video platform, and loosely a messaging app. The keyword is “loosely” because even though the Meta-owned Instagram lets you exchange messages — and even make calls, the functionalities do not support full-fledged features. Instagram’s Direct Messages feature is where you can chat with anyone, irrespective of whether they follow you or you follow them. It also lets you see when someone was last active and here is how you can view and disable it.

Last seen on Instagram does not work as it does on WhatsApp, and that makes sense because Instagram is not a chat app. It does not depend on whether you follow someone, someone follows you, or both follow each other, but only when both sides are exchanging messages with each other. Sending a DM to contact does not reveal their last seen either unless they have replied back. This all is there in addition to the fact that the last seen activity feature is turned on in your account settings. But if you are chatting with someone already, this is how to see their last seen status.

  • Open Instagram
  • Either swipe left or tap on the paper icon on the top right corner of your app, irrespective of your phone’s software
  • This is the DM section of Instagram where all your chats reside, along with the time when someone was last active

It is worth noting that the last seen status of a contact does not represent that the contact is active at the given time. In other words, opening Instagram just for checking the feed will not show you online instantly, unless you visit the DM section, which is when the green dot appears right next to your name in the chat list of your contacts. Also, remember that when someone is visible as online to you, so will you to them.

In case you want to disable your last seen activity, you can go to your profile tab. Now, tap the cogwheel icon and go to the Options screen. Inside this tab, scroll down to Settings and turn off the “Show Activity Status” option. After disabling this option, neither your friends’ last seen activity will be visible to you nor yours to them.

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