In Pakistan is there is a lack of religious freedom - US is concerned

In Pakistan is there is a lack of religious freedom - US is concerned

The United States expresses their concern about religious freedom in Pakistan. Pakistan creates the theory of having Muslim right where people are forced to believe only in one teaching despite of expressing their love and faith through different religion. The religious freedom in Pakistan is so suppressed by the population which deprives of 96% Muslims and 4% others where the most of the rights are only accelerated by Muslims and the right to speech by person who is non-Muslim is highly neglected on every part and they force people to convert their religion into Muslim or to leave the country.

While Independence, The Pakistani government adopt the minority of Hindus in their country to be safe on a condition that Muslim people in India are not to be differentiated from others in order to ensure the protection of the Muslim minority in India. The government restricts the right to freedom of speech with regards to religious speaking against Islam or distributing an attack on Islam which is strictly prohibited and comes under the BLASPHEMY LAW of Pakistan. The blasphemy law mandates the life imprisonment or death penalty who defy the writing of QURAN or speak against the Islam. The penal code there is very restrict towards these culture which prohibited anyone who expresses their thoughts with different mind. The ambience and culture of people there are so maintained that the families restrict the thinking capacity of their child which made them prisoners of their sentiments.  

The United States being the most particular country which do not summoned with Pakistan for making future collaborations in any project have a grief concern about the religious freedom to their country as it has to maintain a peace equilibrium throughout the World and Pakistan’s attack on different nations led the most powerful country and United Nation to declare Pakistan a terrorist country. The attack on U.S include one of the major and furious attack 9/11 which occurred at World Trade Center on 11 September 2001. The attack shook the World as it led to several lives and economy. More attacks like on U.S embassy and attack on school forces United States to worry about the upbringing of their children against the several nations using their religion as their tool and making belief that only their religion should be accepted worldwide.  

Several bills and notices have been passed in Pakistan assembly for making the religion choice of an individual be their own and not to be deprived by society. Several actions have been taken who forces people of other religion to convert their faith into Muslim. The Pakistani’s government and educated people have shown their interest in making country terrorist free and utilize their resources better for future use.