On August 9, today IKEA opens its first India store

On August 9, today IKEA opens its first India store

Ikea will open its biggest store today on August 9, in Hyderabad in which the store will have a 1,000 seater restaurant.

On August 9, Ikea is finally opening its first store in India after the planning of 12 years and after 6 year of the announcement. Ikea is the world’s largest furniture retailer who is all set to open its store in Hyderabad.

Ikea expects around six million customers in a year and the first store opened by Ikea is a 13- acre complex in Hitec City on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The showroom will display around 7,500 products and around 1,000 of them would be sold less than Rs. 200 per piece.

Earlier Ikea moved its launch date from July 19 to August 9 as it needed some time to raise its expected quality commitments towards customers and co-workers.

The huge survey was done by Ikea as it visited over 1,000 homes in India with different income levels, lifestyles in order to understand the requirements, needs and dreams before finalising around 7,500 varieties of home furnishing items to be made available at its stores in India.

1,000 seater restaurant of Ikea’s Hyderabad restaurant will consist half menu of vegetarian options including idli, sambar, samosa, veg. biryani etc. which is sources from about 25 vendors, mainly women-led social enterprises.
Ikea’s trademark beek and pork meatballs will be replaced by Chicken due to Indian cultural preferences.

From Next year, it also plans to start e-commerce operations from Mumbai and are planning to offer online sales in cities where it can support them with fulfillment, delivery and assembling services. 
Betzel said, “After Hyderabad, we will open stores in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai and others. We are curious to try multi-channel sales — large format, small format, with store, without store online.”