Over crying of a 3 year old baby of an Indian family made them offload British Airways

Over crying of a 3 year old baby of an Indian family made them offload British Airways

An Indian family travelling to Berlin from London allegedly offloaded by a leading European airline. The family filed a complaint with Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu that as their 3 year-old child was crying therefore they were offloaded. Before the plane take off, mother managed to comfort the child but a crew member asked the child to be seated in an unfriendly manner after which he started crying.

The incident happened with an Indian Engineering Services officers and his family on July 23 when they onboarded the British Airways London-Berlin flight (BA 8495).

The aircraft was on its way to take off but returned to the terminal and they were offloaded along with some other Indians who were sitting behind them by the airline officials.

The complaint has been filed by the officer to Mr Suresh Prabhu, Chief Aviation Minister in which they mentioned about the humiliation and racial behaviour by the airline.

The British Airways replied on the incident that it does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and investigation is underway.

British Airways spokesperson said, “We take such claims like this extremely seriously and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We have started a full investigation and are in direct contact with the customer.”

The officer said in the letter which was sent to Prabhu that his son was feeling uncomfortable and started crying when his wife fastened the seat belt. When she tried to comfort her kid, a male crew mwmber started shouting and scolded the child to go to his seat.

The plane returned to terminal and they were offloaded from the flight without giving any reason. In order to take action against the crew member they lodged a complaint but no action was taken by the management.

As per the family, for the next day they paid huge amount for their stay and travel in Berlin and they were given tickets for the next day without any accommodation.