Panel of Supreme Court to examine issues in Indian jails

Panel of Supreme Court to examine issues in Indian jails

On Wednesday August 8, the Supreme Court ordered the constitution of a committee under the chairmanship of its retired judge to look into problems in jails which includes overcrowding.

The bench of three-judge of Supreme Court headed by Justice Madan Bhimrao Lokur observed that the committee will also deal with issues pertaining to convicts suffering in jail despite of granting bail by the court.

Further the SC said that the committee will have government officers for prison reforms who will coordinate with the retired judge, and suggestion regarding the improvement of lifestyle of convicts staying in overcrowded jails described by the apex court.

The amount collected by the central government under the order of the top court is not properly utilising the amount said by the bench.

"We have multiple problems. Finance is one of the major hurdles. We are trying to overcome this," to which Justice Lokur observed.” told to court by AG (Attorney General) K K Venugopal representing the Central government.

"We (court) are also trying our best to solve problems. Also, we are not creating any hurdles in the way of the Central government."

The bench of judges said, "Please don't try to create an impression, we are making it clear that we have not and we are not criticising the government for everything. We are also citizens of this country. We don't slam the government without any reason.”

Earlier, the Delhi government was critised by Justice Lokur on its failure in handling many issues which includes garbage disposal, waste management and Delhi sealing cases. He had also asked the Centre if it had plans to deal with the problems the country is facing, and if so, convey these plans to the apex court.