Successful Completion of Thai Cave Rescue operation

Successful Completion of Thai Cave Rescue operation

On June 23, 12 Thai boys along with their coach of The “Wild Boars” soccer team went into cave complex where they were trapped by rising water. More than a week later, they were found and struct on a small, muddy patch deep in the cave’s network chambers. The young boys cannot swim and were weakened by their long ordeal.

The first rescue operation started on Sunday wherein the first four boys were taken out. They were sent to the hospital by ambulance and helicopter to the closest regional hospital. There are two divers from an international team of 18 who are taking out the boys each at a time through winding, narrow passageways filled with murky water.

The second operation was on Monday wherein another four boys were rescued. Today the rest four boys along with their coach have been rescued successful by the team. They were traped in the cave for more than two weeks. The Thai Navy said a successful end to a dangerous mission that has obsessed the world.

Last week on Monday, British divers found them in the partly flooded chamber several kilometres inside the complex.

After thinking for days in order to get all 13 out safely the rescue operation was launched on Sunday and by Tuesday all 12 boys with their coach have been safely taken out.

Last Friday a Thai navy diver died on a re-supply mission inside the case in support of the rescue so the celebration will be marked with sadness.

On Tuesday, the last 4 boys and coach were brought out of cave on stretchers and were taken by helicopter to hospital. The parents are not allowed to visit the hospital where the boys were admitted. The boys are not allowed to meet their parents due to the risk of infection.They will be kept in hospital for atleast a week to undergo tests.