Tax Raid on Swaraj India Chief Yogendra Yadav’s family

Tax Raid on Swaraj India Chief Yogendra Yadav’s family

On Friday July 13, IT (Income Tax) Department has seized approx. Rs 27 lakh cash and a number of documents and payment receipts after it raided multiple hospital group in Haryana’s Rewari which belongs to family of Yogendra Yadav Swaraj India Chief.

After the raids on the offices of the hospital the department had recovered transaction receipts of around Rs 15 crores which is suspected to be unaccounted said by the IT department official.

The land plot of Rs 93 lakh was claimed to have found using cash amount in unproven documents by the owner of the hospital group in the past claimed by the department officials in Chandigarh. They said now this transaction is under investigation.

On July 12, around Rs 29 lakh was found as a part of the raids out of which around Rs 27 lakh has been seized on being unaccounted money said by the senior official.

The officials said that Gautam Yadav nephew of Yogendra Yadav has purchased the jewellery of Rs 6.50 lakh out of which Rs 3.25 lakh was paid in cash from Nirav Modi diamantaire’s firm.

Wherein Gautam said that two years back when he purchased the ring from Nirav Modi group then he had given his PAN number and it was a genuine transaction.

Gautam said, "I would not want to say more on this. All I would say is that the department has conducted its search and it has initiated its proceedings and now the matter is between us and the department. We will contest the charges."

Gautam also replied on the query of cash seizure from their premises that it is not unusual for a large hospital like theirs to keep such an amount of cash for business.

Yogendra Yadav said that why Rewari was chosen for the raids and only two hospitals were chosen for the searches when there are about 150 institutions in the city. He said it is political campaign and clearly sends a political message as he launched an agitation for fair crop price for farmers and against liquor shops.

Yogendra said that his family is being targeting through the raid by Narendra Modi – led government and now this case is between the assessee and the tax authorities.

The raid has now ended which was started yesterday at 11am at the Kalawati Hospital, Kamla Nursing Home and their owners in Rewari.

The taxman got the inputs of the of tax elude on the purchase of jewellery from a firm of Nirav Modi who is absconding in PNB fraud case of USD 2 billion.