Ten people died in Afghanistan suicide blast

Ten people died in Afghanistan suicide blast

On July 10, another suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan wherein ten people have died out of which eight were civilian, two were from security forces and four people were injured in Jalalabad. Earlier on Sunday July 1, there was a deadly blast attack on Jalalabad wherein 19 people died out of which 12 were Sikh and Hindu.

At around 10 am of local time of the city when the suicide bomber exploded his explosive jacket at a a security checkpoint. The injured people were shifted by rescue teams and police and were sent to a main hospital in Jalalabad and one is in critical condition.

Due to explosion nearby fuel pump station and three vehicles have also caught fire and have damaged several nearby shops and houses.

Responsibility of the attack has not been claimed by any group but the presence of Taliban militants and militants of the Islamic State terrorist group was seen in the province, 120km east of Kabul.

The province has been the scene of heavy clashes between militants and security forces as well as deadly bomb attacks from time to time.