WhatsApp hacks: How to see people’s Status without letting them know

WhatsApp hacks: How to see people’s Status without letting them know

WhatsApp has gone drastic transformation in the past couple of years. From more features that make chatting via text messages and even voice messages easier and more interactive, the Meta-owned messaging app has also expanded its portfolio when it comes to video conferencing feature. For instance, when the company had introduced video calling feature in the app it only supported up to four people in a single call. During the pandemic, WhatsApp had first increased this limit up to 16 participants in two separate. But now, the message app supports up to 32 participants in a single call. Similarly, the company has also increased the size of groups on WhatsApp from 100 to 512. These are some of endless features that the messaging app has gotten over time.

Notably, While on one hand, Meta has refined WhatsApp’s messaging related features, it has also given it some more social features such as Status, which is quite similar to Instagram’s Stories. For the unversed, WhatsApp Status lets you share images and videos that vanish after 24 hours of posting it. And unlike Instagram, WhatsApp also lets you see Status update of your friends secretly without letting them know.

So, if you are looking for ways to check your friend’s WhatsApp Status update without letting them know, we have got you covered. Here are two ways you can do so:

Using Read Receipts

First, of course is the Read Receipts. Now, we all know that Read Receipts let users see if their message has been delivered and ready by the people with whom they are communicating. The same rule set applies to Status updates as well. This means if you turn off Read Receipts in the app, your friend will not be notified if you have seen their status or not. It is worth noting that if you turn off this feature, you won’t be able to see the people who have checked your WhatsApp Status as well. Here’s how you can turn off Read Receipts in WhatsApp:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and go to the Settings tab.

Step 2: Now tap the Account option and then tap the Privacy option.

Step 3: Scroll down and toggle the Read Receipts button to turn it off.

By going offline

Another hack using which you can check a friend’s WhatsApp Status without letting them know is by checking their Status update with your phone in the airplane mode. However, there is catch. As soon as you come out of the airplane mode, WhatsApp will update its servers about your activity and you will no longer remain anonymous.

This hack is best used when the status update that you want to see is about to expire. Once the status update expires, WhatsApp will not inform the user that their status update has been viewed by you.

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