Woman Wearing ‘Henna Blouse’ Sparks Debate & Naturally, The Moral Police Has No Chill

Woman Wearing ‘Henna Blouse’ Sparks Debate & Naturally, The Moral Police Has No Chill

A saree is the most graceful attire in a woman’s closet and has a stamp of approval by Indian society. 

However, what’s best about this six-yard beauty is that it can be styled multiple ways and can be modified into a modern and chic outfit too. 

Women are experimenting with traditional wear and coming up with new and trendy ideas to style it, just like this woman who paired it with a henna blouse. 

Henna Blouse © Instagram/Creative Faces By Jain

Instead of a blouse made of fabric, she got a beautiful henna design painted on her body which gave the illusion of a blouse. 

She wore it with a white saree for a wedding and her video is now going viral, partly for the trend she is setting and partly because she hurt the moral police on social media.

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Well, some people on social media are irked by this and trolled the woman mercilessly. They shamed her for not wearing a regular blouse even though she has carried it pretty decently. 

A user wrote, “Why wear sari? Paint full body with mehendi shameless” Another wrote, Fashion ke naam pe kuch bhi? Kuch toh sharam karo (Anything in the name of fashion? Have some shame)”  

Woman Trolled For Clothes © Instagram/Creative Faces By Jain

This may sound like a strange trend to ditch the traditional blouse with a saree for a henna tattoo, but it is not new. In fact, brides and women are opting for it at weddings. 

Henna blouses are the latest trend in bridal and wedding fashion and she is not the only woman who has tried this. It is artistic and aesthetic but clearly, the trolls don't get it. 

People Troll Woman For Henna Blouse © iStock

However, there were some who loved the idea of a henna blouse and supported the woman for her unconventional style. 

A user said, “It’s your choice. Don’t let the pricks bother you.” Another said, Super cool full marks to the idea and the lady so full of courage to carry this off.”

Woman Wearing Henna Blouse Goes Viral © Creative Faces By Jain

Whatever you think of the henna blouse, there is no need to shame a woman for her choice of clothes. She did a terrific job by pulling it off and we are here for it.