Youtube Shorts gets Green Screen feature on iOS, here’s how to use it

Youtube Shorts gets Green Screen feature on iOS, here’s how to use it

Ever since the short video platform of Youtube, the Youtube Shorts has worked out, the company has been adding several features to it. Recently, it brought the “Cut” feature to the platform, and now, the company has introduced the Green Screen feature.

The new Green Screen feature is currently only available to iOS users. This could be one of the most useful features of the app. It will let users use up to a 60-second video from any eligible Youtube video or Youtube shorts video as the background for their original video. This could make a short video more creative and fun.

Youtube Shorts

For years, YouTubers have been using Green screens for making creative content, with the new Green Screen feature, creators can easily use this virtual Green screen and make short videos.

Notably, creators can use any videos or short videos from Youtube as their background, however, some videos cannot be used. Firstly, creators cannot use videos of those who have already opted out and haven’t allowed others to make remixes of their videos. And secondly, music videos with copyrighted content cannot be remixed. This is the same as the Cut feature. Also, similar to it, every remix or short video that you make will have a link back to the original content creator as credits.

The new feature is an addition to the already available features like Retouch, Lighting, Align, and others. As said earlier, this feature is only limited to iPhone users as of now, but we expect it to arrive on the Android platform soon.

How to use Green Screen on Youtube Shorts

To use the new Green Screen feature, make sure the Youtube app is on the latest version. If it’s not, head to the App Store and update it. Once to do that, follow the below steps.

1. Open Youtube app on your iPhone.

2. Open the video you want to use as a background for your new Youtube Shorts video.

3. Click on the three-dot menu and select the “Green Screen” option.

4. Now, you will have that video as your background.

Tip: Creators can make Youtube Shorts videos with or without audio. Photos and Videos can also be added from the Photo Gallery. To make your short video creative, you can add different filters, and lighting effects, and increase or decrease the speed. Enjoy!

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